“In between Rue de Grenelle and Rue Saint Dominique, Restaurant Pertinence opened it door at the end of March.

Ryunosuke NAITO and Kwen LIEW offer their first intimate and elegant table. The French cuisine is adorned with Japanese technique to draw all its quintessence.

In the shelter of the Fontaine de Mars, Pertinence is a hidden place where only 14 guests can be served.”

Ryu & Kwen


They met each other when Restaurant Antoine was created in 2011 (with Chef Mickaël Féval) and after great experiences, Ryu and Kwen decided to start their food journey in an intimate and discreet place, with their own style.

Ryu learned in prestigious establishments begining in Taillevent (3 stars) with Alain Soliverès but also under the orders of Yannick Alléno at Cheval blanc, Restaurant 1947 in Courchevel and Meurice (3 Michelin stars), as a sous chef . He remained at his position after the direction passed to Alain Ducasse.

Meanwhile, Kwen had a french culinary course and  pastry course in France and formed in different countries.

Ryu Naito et Kwen Liew - les chefs

Discover our dishes

A la carte


Roasted langoustines , mousse of parmentier 
Celery, carrots
45 €

Multi colors tomatoes, citrus condiments
Light mousse of anchovies
36 €

Beef carpaccio
Caviar Baeri
58 €

Foie gras confit   
Black Cherries, Coffee jelly
42 €

Main courses

Poached Saint-Gilles-Croix-Vie turbot 
Risotto with chorizo, Château Chalon yellow wine sauce with mussels
59 €

Red Mullet with it’s crispy scales
Potatoes with safran , marinated fennels, red wine sauce with beef marrow
55 €

Bleu lobster cooked with it’s shell
Chicken oyster,  grenobloise sauce
68 €

Pan roasted Veal 
Fricassee of chanterelles mushroom, veal jus
58 €

Roasted pigeon 
Fondant potatoes, Xeres vinegar jus
50 €


Roquefort mousse and cheese of the day 
Caramel salted prune
15 €

Red fruits tart
Strawberry ice cream
14 €

Declination of citrus 
Blood orange sorbet
14 €

Chocolat Inaya warm and cold 
Caramel mousse ,chocolate ice cream
14 €

(Excluding public holidays)Season lunch menu - From Wednesday to Friday

Season lunch menu with 3 services- 45€

Wine Pairing-3 glasses of wine selection -40€

(Drinks are not included)Pertinence tasting menu in 6-course

(Served for the whole table)
Chief selection with the products of the day – 105 €

Wine pairing-6 glasses of wine selection -70€

How to find us


Opening hours

Open from Tuesday to Saturday

(Close on Tuesday afternoon)

12h30-13h30/ 19h30-21h30


Restaurant will be closing on the 29th July 2018- 12th September 2018

Reopen on the 13th September 2018 for dinner


29 rue de l’Exposition
75007 Paris